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Why You Should Train with John Hashey

Quality Permanent Makeup Products - Why made in the USA matters

Tattoo Needles - A Guide for Permanent Makeup Artists - How to identify the needle configurations and manufacturer codes

Permanent Makeup and the Coil Machine - What you need to know about the coil machine

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  • World’s First All Natural Tattoo Removal

    The most difficult Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removals are performed at John  Permanent Cosmetics.  John Hashey’s Techniques are considered some of the most successful tattoo and permanent makeup removal in the world.

    John Hashey developed the first all-natural saline solution that … READ MORE

  • Tattoo Removal


    A+Plus Ocean all natural tattoo solution continually proves to yield outstanding results on the most difficult procedures. A+Ocean

    If properly used by licensed trained technicians lightens or removes tattoo ink and permanent makeup pigment quickly and safely.

    There are other company’s claiming … READ MORE

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  • Permanent Makeup Students in Lab